Hard-hearted profiteering

Stents had become a business. Drug eluting stents costing Rs 40,000 were being sold at Rs 1,20,000. Some hospitals even encouraged patients to buy expensive imports from retailers. TOI exposed the profiteering. The public began asking questions and regulations were soon put in place.

Drug eluting stents are used in angioplasty and became a profitable business. In a series of hard-hitting articles, TOI exposed the various aspects. How a stent with a landed cost of Rs 40,000 was sold at Rs 1,20,000 to patients. And how some hospitals encouraged patients to buy expensive stents from nearby retailers. 

The public’s eye turned towards stents, patients began questioning the prices and regulations were put in place. The blatant profiteering was brought under control and the pressure forced erring hospitals to become transparent about prices and the choices offered to patients.

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