31 storeys of corruption exposed

Adarsh Housing Society was a 6-storey project in Mumbai. It rose to 31 storeys through collusion and cover-ups. TOI exposed the scam. And even the most elite transgressors were brought to book. Read on to find out more.

Adarsh Housing Society was to be a 6-storey building in Colaba for the welfare of Kargil war heroes and widows. What it became was 31 storeys of ultra-prime real estate built on a foundation of collusion, cover-ups and rules flouted across departments. Flats had been allotted at a pittance to relatives of bureaucrats, politicians and army officers.


TOI was the first to report on land use violations at Adarsh back in 2003. When we revisited the sordid story in 2010, it caught national attention. The ensuing investigation brought down many a shining reputation, and even the biggest transgressors were brought to book. The building stands empty today, a testimony to the power of trustworthy journalism.

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