False Negatives

50,000 Covid tests to be done every day at Kumbh. TOI highlighted the massive scam by the testing agency. A national furore followed. Arrests were made. Truth prevailed. Read on to find out more.

The recent Kumbh mela in Haridwar was attended by lakhs of devotees. For their safety, the high court had ordered 50,000 Covid tests to be carried out every day. What happened instead was that over one lakh fake Covid test results went out. TOI highlighted the massive scam by one of the testing agencies. Over 500 tests had, for instance, been linked to a single residential address and 700 tests carried out with one antigen test kit. Two hundred sample collectors turned out to be students and data entry operators. A national furore followed and resulted in the formation of a special investigation team. Arrests were made and a 2400-page report was prepared by the administration detailing the modus operandi. Once again, truth had prevailed.
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